Bulletin for June 9 2018



Kids: Classrooms, Lower Level – 10:00am

Adults: Sanctuary – 10:00am


Sanctuary – 11:20am




Sanctuary – 11:30am


PLATFORM PARTICIPANTS ENTER … (Congregation to kneel)


“The Lord Is In His Holy Temple” Hymn #692


INVOCATION Jorge Guifarro




OPENING SONG: “ My Jesus I Love Thee ” Hymn #321


OFFERING: World Budget Kurtis Lam




FATHER’S DAY TRIBUTE: “ So God Made A Father …”


SPECIAL MUSIC: Jaren Humphreys


PRAYER: (Congregation to kneel) Walter Schuelter


SCRIPTURE READING: 2 Corinthians 6:2 Lianna Glass


SERMON: “ Today, not Tomorrow ” Jorge Guifarro


SPECIAL MUSIC: Marlyn Paniagua


BENEDICTION: Jorge Guifarro

Sunset Tonight – 8:29pm Sunset Next Friday (06/15) – 8:31pm

SANCTUARY REVERANCE. While we all want to share our joys with eachother, please
keep voices low and conversations to a minimum during the worship service. We
encourage fellowship to be taken outside of the sanctuary after service is done.


FATHER’S DAY. Wishing all of our dads, grandpas and father figures a very Happy
Father’s Day tomorrow. May God use you in mighty ways to bless your children,
the father-less and those who the Lord places in your path.


NEW OFFICERS. Second reading of the Nominating Committee report that includes
a list of new officers, effective 01 July 2018. Please refer to the attached insert.


CHURCH SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER. An additional school board member is needed to
fill a vacancy spot effective July 2018. School Board Members are to attend meetings
every 2nd Monday of each month. If interested, please contact any of our Elders.


BAG LUNCH BIBLE STUDY. Every Sabbath, downstairs after church service (or
potluck). Bring your bag lunch. Please contact Marley Grant (414) 975-7031.


CHURCH PANTRY. Families who brought their non-perishable canned or boxed
item(s) today please place them on the table in the church library. Your
contribution on every potluck Sabbath is greatly appreciated!


CAMP MEETING 2018. The Northwest Church will be closed during camp meeting
for the next two Sabbaths. The Milwaukee Central Church will be open and any
members not attending camp meeting are welcomed to worship there.


VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL. VBS will run June 25 – 30 from 5pm-8pm. Staff meeting
will be held on Sunday, 24 June. Kurtis Lam will provide a time and other updates.


WATER WELLS FOR TANZANIA. We are collecting money to build 7 water wells in
Tanzania. There will be a large water jug in the lobby throughout the summer.


WALK FOR LIFE. If you forgot to submit miles from previous months, please hand
them in to Mary Guifarro (262) 989-9001 to include them for the month of May.


NEW PASTOR CANDIDATES. We are now down to 2 potential candidates as 1
withdrew from the list. The WI Conf will introduce these individuals to us after camp
meeting. Let us continue to pray and trust in the Lord’s plan and timing.


HOW CAN WE HELP? Are you a visitor or a church member in need of food,
necessities, prayer, a home visit, hospital visit or a Bible study? If so, contact our
First Elder, Zack Davis in person or by phone (414) 712-6659.


MEMBERSHIP. If you are interested in being baptized or would like to transfer your
membership to Northwest SDA Church, we would be delighted to add you to our
family! Please process your request through Diane Maitland (414) 353-6931.

Birthdays of the Week
June 09: Stanley Hughes
June 26: Simmone Demiar
June 11: Lucian P Fick
June 27: Eugene Kittredge, Jr
June 23: Donna L Smith
June 29: Lacy Griessel
June 25: Magdalena Bacon & Peter Fenninger

Ongoing Church Calendar Items
Bible Study ……………………………………… Today after Potluck
Fellowship Dinner ………………………….. Today after Worship Service
Elder’s Meeting ……………………………….. CANCELLED due to Camp Meeting
Church Board Meeting ……………………. CANCELLED due to Camp Meeting
Worship Committee Meeting ….……… To Be Scheduled for 3rd Quarter
Women’s Ministry …………………………. Dinner To Be Rescheduled