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Bulletin for February 16 2019

Kids: Classrooms, Lower Level – 10:00am
Adults: Sanctuary – 10:00am
Sabbath School Mission Story – 11:10am
Mission Spotlight – 11:15am

SingSpiration: Sanctuary – 11:20am

Sanctuary – 11:30am
PLATFORM PARTICIPANTS ENTER … (Congregation to kneel)
“The Lord Is In His Holy Temple” Hymn #692

INVOCATION James Van Arsdale
OPENING HYMN: “Under His Wings” Hymn #529
OFFERING: Local Church Budget Chan Vang
CHILDREN’S STORY: Eugene Kittredge
SCRIPTURE READING: Revelation 14:4 Sariah Davis
PRAISE & PETITION: (Congregation to kneel) Walter Schlueter
SERMON: “The Ugly Dog” James Van Arsdale
CLOSING HYMN: “Jesus Is All The World To Me” Hymn #185
BENEDICTON: James Van Arsdale


Sunset Tonight ~ 5:13pm Sunset Next Friday (02/15) ~ 5:23pm

SANCTUARY REVERANCE: Please remember to keep voices low and conversations to a minimum in the sanctuary during Sabbath School and the Worship Service.

WISCONSIN ACADEMY: will be giving an afternoon concert today at 3:00 pm. Come join us!!

TITHE & OFFERING: Tithe & Offering Receipts were mailed out in early January. If you did not receive your 2018 receipt, please contact Candy at 262-352-1532.

ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE EXODUS: Presentations on research that proves the Bible is true through evidence in archaeology. Join us Feb. 23rd at 2 pm.

KID’S COOKING CLASS: will meet Wednesday, February 27 at 6:30 pm.

WALK FOR LIFE 2019: We need participants (adults & kids) to sign up for the Walk 4 Life program that runs from now until June. The sheet is on the lobby bulletin board – please write in as little or as many miles as you can calculate for your week. This is a church team effort. The objective is to make people mindful of the importance to move around as much as you can throughout your day. Need help? See Mary Guifarro

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2019: We are excited to jumpstart plans for your VBS program this summer, scheduled in June right after camp meeting. VBS is
one of the most evangelical programs our church can offer to the community. Churched and unchurched kids get a full week of diving into God’s Word beginning with the Creation and then with the Cross. As we want to get a head start, church members will be contacted in the next two months to help our church effort in some way. Volunteers are most valuable and appreciated for missions to expand the kingdom. Questions/ Ideas? See/Call Mary Guifarro.

FOOD PANTRY ITEMS NEEDED: Please donate paper products and basic hygiene supplies for our church pantry: toilet paper, paper towels, diapers (any size), baby wipes, baby formula, powdered milk, toothpaste, toothbrushes, men’s/women’s deodorants, and drinking water (gallon). Please place your donation(s) on the library table.

MEMBERSHIP: If you are interested in being baptized or would like to transfer your membership to Northwest SDA Church, we would be delighted to add you to our family! Please contact our Church Clerk, Candy Jakobsons at (262) 352-1532

HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? ~ Are you a visitor or a church member in need of food, necessities, prayer, a home visit, hospital visit or a Bible study? If yes, contact Pastor Myoung Kwon in person or by phone (410) 707-7307.

Ongoing Events

Prayer Meeting ………………….…... Every Wednesday at 6:30pm
Kids Cooking Class ……………….... Every other Wednesday at 6:30pm
Fellowship Dinner …...…………….. Every 2nd & 4th Sabbath of the month
Health & Wellness Lecture … ….. Every 2nd Sabbath of the month at 2:00 pm
Archaeology Presentation ……….. Every 4th Sabbath starting February 23rd at 2:00pm
School Board Meeting …………….. Every 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30pm
Elder’s Meeting ……………………….. TBD
Church Board Meeting ……………. Saturday, February 16th at 6:00pm
Young Adult Connection ………… Every 3rd Friday of the month
Women’s Ministry …………………. TBD

Next Sabbath (02/16/2019)
Pianist: Karen Kind
Elder: Jorge Guifarro
Offering: Wisconsin Budget
Speaker: Myoung Kwon

Birthdays (February 16 ~ February 23)
February 18: Susan Ogorek
February 21: Jonathan Smith
February 19: Arnold Kind II
February 22: Devonne Williams