Sabbath School starts at 10:00
Divine Worship starts at 11:30

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Welcome to North West Seventh-day Adventist
churches website. We are now broadcasting
our sermons live on the Internet.

On Sabbath we will start broadcasting live
at 11:30 until the end of the sermon.
Click here for live audio starting 11:30 every Sabbath

You can also listen to our live broadcasts on your mobile device (phone or tablet) Just go to “Google play” (android) or the “App Store” (iphone/ipad & other i stuff) and search for mixlr, once installed, search for nwsda for our broadcast.


After the live broadcast the latest sermon can be listened to here.


We also keep an archive of all the past recorded sermons here.

Here are some of the children’s choir recordings:

9/10/16 Children’s Choir:

Hidden Agendas
by Professor Walter J. Veith

This presentation exposes the philosophy behind secret societies. It unequivocally proves from the best sources that the deity worshiped by these societies are not Biblical. Study the evidence for yourself and prove whether these things are indeed so.
See all of Walter’s videos in our media section here.

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